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Vice Principal


Anita Yadav
(Vice Principal)

Anita Yadav, heading the Gurgaon branch of St. Angel’s school, is a committed educationist. She is a post-graduate in Physics with a degree in B.Ed from Kurukshetra University. She has taught Physics to grades XI and XII for 14 years in Ryan International and Amity International Schools.

During her tenure with Ryan International School, she was appointed as the Senior Coordinator and successfully shouldered her responsibilities. In her enriching teaching experience, she has attended numerous workshops and seminars by CBSE, eminent child psychologists and subject experts encompassing the academic, emotional, social and special educational needs of children. She had taken initiative to design space settlement as part of the competitions organized by NASA and is keen to learn new things in Science and Technology. She has expanded her horizon by visiting schools and learning new systems of education in Europe.