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St. Angel's Curriculum

The pedagogy adopted for classroom learning is ‘child centered’ which is interactive, experimental and facilitative. Learners experience a curiosity to learn from within sharing their ideas. The active participation in classroom plays a predominant role in awakening their thirst for knowledge. We make a conscious effort that learning process should not remain confined to the four walls, instead, it should go beyond the classroom learning an it should reflect in the co-curricular and extra curricular activities along with the educational excursions. Montessori students are groomed through group activities, play way techniques, language games, number games and by making them journey through the world of fantasy through story telling sessions. Class I onwards, the school follows the curriculum based on the guidelines of directorate of education. Our school takes an utmost care of incorporating and modifying the changes directed by the education department from time to time. School’s evaluation system is based on both, formative and summative assessment.