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School Motto

St. Angel’s School’s Motto- fortiter et recte- means “to be strong” or “to have the courage to do the right thing”.

Our motto is combined with the shield, is a constant reminder to our school community that moral strength and learning provide the key of the journey of life. Our school motto is based upon the two core values of respect and responsibility. Respect includes quality such as kindness, compassion and consideration, while responsibility is based upon honesty, excellence, obedience, duty and sustainability.

Our school emblem is the manifestation of our sacred motto “Determination, Dedication and Desire “of the eternal phoenix bird, this is a symbol of immortality and resurrection. The Angelites are embedded with the undeterred and invincible spirit of the eternal phoenix bird for high-octane performance in life. Each dawn makes them spread their wings with a renewed confidence to achieve newer horizons and bask in the blaze of crowning glory.


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