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School Cinema

School Cinema is a learning module on life-skills, values and attitudes, taught utilizing cinema’s power of storytelling and thought provoking workbooks. School Cinema has movies for Children, Teachers & Parents – the three pillars of any school environment and hence is an all-inclusive program. The program has benefited over 7,00,000 children across 750 premier schools in India, Nepal & Middle-East and its films has won several awards including government of India’s prestigious national awards for 6 of its films. School Cinema tries to address lessons of life by imparting values and life skills through the medium of films, based on actual challenges the Children, Parents and Teachers face. The reality of how our children are growing up today is very different from what it used to be. Stress, fear, peer pressure, bullying, sexual predators, classroom violence, have all taken over our children, and they have more to deal with than our earlier generations ever did.

School Cinema helps students learn to relate and reflect at a personal level. It helps in the holistic development of students, ensuring that they grow into confident and responsible individuals.

School Cinema benefits parents and teachers also. It enhances personal development, helps understand child psychology and also equips them with necessary skills valuable in professional and personal life.

School Cinema thus successfully enhances communication between teachers, students and their parents.