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Director Principal


Seema Bhardwaj
(Director Principal)

Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj, an erudite scholar, a meritorious and distinction holder all throughout her academic career with (Hons.), and degree of law of to her accreditation, is a charismatic and a dynamic lady whose very presence is very captivating and electrifying to motivate people around her. She energizes the souls of many with invincible and unbeatable spirit to accomplish educational goals. A great perfectionist with an experience of more than two decades of teaching and administrative skills has led her to the dizzy heights of achievements. Apart from being the founder and architect of the Delhi and Gurgaon branches of St. Angel’s school, she has many widely acclaimed achievements to her credit. She is a recipient of the most prestigious award’ Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishna Memorial National Teachers award On Teachers Day and Global Assembly On Peace, Mercy, Tolerance and disaster Education Seminar, New Delhi . She is a perennial fountain of knowledge, benevolence and motivation for those aspiring ordinary souls to perform extra ordinary feats. She is an epitome of honor, commitment, empathy, friendliness, conscientiousness, and a guide to all.