Admission Enquiry

Admission Enquiry

Registration & Admission

The registration process for the Montessori classes begins in the month of October/November for the next commencing session.

For the admission in pre-Montessori the child must have attained the age 2 years + at the time of registration and 2.5 years + as on 31st march, at the time of admission.

For the admission in Montessori I the child must have attained the age 3 years + at the time of registration and 3.5 years + as on 31st march, at the time of admission.

For the admission in Montessori II the child must have attained the age 4 years + at the time of registration and 4.5 years + as on 31st march, at the time of admission.

The admission in all the Montessori classes is based on general observations made about the child and thereafter, a brief interaction with the parents. The presence of parents is necessary during the interactive session, at the time of admission.

It is mandatory to produce birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation or the Municipal committee at the time of admission in the Montessori classes. If the birth certificate is issued by the panchayats, it must be counter by B.D.O and C.M.O of the area.

It is compulsory to produce the original certificates for the verification purpose along with the attested photocopies, falling which the admission will stand cancelled and parent cannot claim it as a right on the seat reserved for their ward. Furthermore, School holds the right to revoke the admission if any discrepancy found in the submission of documents or if the parents furnish any misleading information.

Admission in higher classes is given on the basis of entrance test designed to adjudge the aptitude of the child, followed by a brief interaction with the child and the parents. Admission is granted o the bass of the merit list and the availability of seats for the class in which the admission is sought. It is mandatory to submit the transfer certificate in original from the last attended school where the child was studing.

Withdrawal Procedure

The student can be withdrawn from the school only at the end of the academic session. However, if the withdrawal is to be done due to unavoidable circumstances, then, one month’s notice must be served in writing by the parents stating the reason for the withdrawal of their ward from the school. If the Child attends Even a single day of the quarter in which the fee is chargeable, he becomes liable to pay fee for the entire quarter.

The fee deposited for the quarter cannot be claimed for the refund except the caution money. The caution money can be claimed for refund provided all dues are paid, else, all the payable dues will be settled against the caution money. Caution money can be claimed at the time of withdrawal but only on producing the original admission receipt.

Transfer Certificate

The School issues the transfer Certificate, depending that all the supporting documents of the child are furnished to school at the time of admission and further the student has cleared the dues of the current session. The T.C is issued in minimum of 10 days to maximum 15 days of time w.e.f the date of request forwarded to the school authority.

Fee Procedure

The school fee is payable quarterly in the months of April, July, October, and January by the mode of cash, cheque or draft in favour of St. Angel’s school, Gurgaon. Parents also have an option for depositing the fee for the entire academic session in advance. The fee is payable in the first month of he quarter latest by 15th of the month. fine of rs.15/- per day will be levied upon as late payment charges if paid after the notified date. The fine/late fee is applicable from 16th day of the first quarter. School keeps sending the reminders to the parents regarding the fee deposit through fee slips (sent at the beginning of every quarter), e-mails(if the e-mail address provided by the parents) telephonic reminders and the circular(s) in the school diary. In case the dues are not cleared by the end of the quarter; the name of the student will be struck off the roll. re-admission will be at the discretion of the management, parent cannot force or claim it as a right.

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