Admission Enquiry

Online Admission For Class XIth 2020-21

    Online Admission for class XI 2020—2021

  • 01Check the stream allotted to your ward at school website and class Whatsapp group.
  • 02Fill the Online – Registration form for admission in allotted- stream.
  • 03Registration form will be verified and checked by Admission Panel.
  • 04Fee – slip will be generated on the basis of stream and sent to you the next day.
  • 05You can confirm the admission by paying the fees (monthly) online
  • 06A) In case of request for change, send application on the following email Id, mentioning clearly your name, class – section, stream allotted and stream required.
    B) You will receive the response from us.
1 Anamika Chahal Science with Maths YES
2 Ankit Mishra Science with Maths YES
3 Aryan Yadav Science with Maths YES
4 Ishita raje Science with Maths YES
5 Kshitij Singh Science with Maths YES
6 Mayank Bansal Science with Maths YES
7 Ankit Sharma Science with Maths COMM WITH MATHS
8 Shivang pandey Science with Maths COMM WITH MATHS
9 Ashish kumar Science with Biology YES
10 Diya saini Science with Biology YES
11 Muskan yadav Science with Biology YES
12 Parth Science with Biology YES
13 Tanisha Bansal Science with Biology YES
14 Yash Dagar. Science with Biology YES
15 DEV KATYAL Commerce with Maths YES
16 Dhawal Shukla Commerce with Maths YES
17 Shivani Yadav Commerce with Maths YES
18 Shruti keshari Commerce with Maths YES
19 Sonal Commerce with Maths YES
20 Tanisha Rana Commerce with Maths YES
21 Mehul Commerce with Maths COMM WITHOUT MATHS 
22 SHIKHAR HARI Commerce with Maths YES
23 Mukul dagar Commerce without Maths YES
24 Himanshu Yadav Commerce without Maths YES
25 Kanisha chouhan Commerce without Maths YES
26 Nancy Commerce without Maths YES
27 Ritesh yadav Commerce without Maths YES
28 Vivek Malhotra Commerce without Maths YES
29 Prityush sehrawat  Commerce without Maths YES
30 Tanish Yadav Commerce without Maths YES
31 Tannu bhati Commerce without Maths YES
32 Bhavesh sachdeva Humanities YES
33 Deepali Humanities YES
34 Krishna Yadav  Humanities YES
35 Nitesh Shokeen  Humanities YES
36 PIA MALHOTRA Humanities YES
37 Shefali Humanities YES
38 Unnati singh Humanities YES
39 Vishal Yadav Humanities YES
40 Naman Bhati  Humanities YES
41 Samridhi Dutta Humanities YES
42 Tushar yadav Humanities YES