Chairman Message

Founder Chairman

our-mission Holding the beacon of excellence, dedication, positivity and understanding, St. Angel’s surges ahead, setting its goals higher and higher in the horizon of success .For this reason, the school has become a desired destination for students. Winning starts with our beginning. Our thinking creates our positive world. When our thinking is governed by moral values, like truth, righteousness and feeling of brotherhood, a personality of strong moral character emerges in the society.

My first and foremost priority is, to provide our students with every opportunity to be understanding in their future studies. My perception is not just about acquiring knowledge of subjects taught in the classrooms. It is a lifelong exercise that can be unbelievably exciting, if we wish to jump onto the train of experience and take a trip to every road and corner of the earth. My endeavour is to provide wings of wisdom to our children to soar high in the sky of knowledge.
Dear parents your role, too, is indispensable in the life of the children. You must nurture the children in such a way, that they must uphold the time tested values to manifest their wisdom. The present generation is bristling with new concepts and is eager to invent and innovate. Let the wisdom of the scholars pervade into ever widening stream of knowledge. To disseminate it, I attempt to provide the conditions, in which my Angelites learn the lesson of life, apart from curriculum assigned to them. I always motive my students by saying that, ‘The deeper you dive, the more gems you discover. Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those who don’t rest on laurels of the past.
With consistent support of the parents, contribution of the students and above all the grace of Almighty, I make certain that I will put my incessant efforts to provide quality education in this temple of learning.

Thank You
Mr. Ashutosh Bhardwaj (Founder Chairman)